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Is There Value in Customer Follow-Up?

Seems like a no-brainer, right? However, make sure this message is being communicated to account teams as a way to encourage engagement in close the loop actions. Before giving them training on the process and tools they will use to follow-up on issues and document action plans, make sure to share with them the benefits they can expect from the process:

·         Additional revenue opportunities through saved or enhanced relationships: When available, use real life stories from the field on additional opportunities uncovered through the close the loop process


·         Strengthening of customer relationships: Comes from demonstrating to customers that their feedback is of value to your organization and you have a desire to improve their experiences


·          Increased survey response rates: Customers are more likely to participate in the feedback process in the future if they are comfortable that their time is well spent and will be used by your organization

Once account teams have this foundation and belief in the customer feedback process, they will be more likely to actively engage in close the loop activities.

Melissa Meier
Vice President, Client Service

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