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Is your customer program hiding?

Does anyone know about your program, or is it a well-kept secret? Don’t let your customer loyalty program go unnoticed to your customers and employees. Stay in front of them so they know that you are customer focused and you do care about building customer loyalty.

One way to accomplish this is by using video (see this post on how to use video). I don’t think I have to tell you about how engaging video is on the internet, and it has become a low cost solution.

Another way is by using social media. Just jump in on some social media tools and start letting people know about your program (see this post on using social media).

Promoting your program is essential in keeping it alive within your organization, but another often overlooked solution is training. You need to let your employees know what you are doing, and how you are doing it. If they don’t understand it, they aren’t going to care much about it. Start by putting together a basic overview of why the voice of the customer is so essential in your organization, then promote it.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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