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Is Your VoC Program in Need of An Overhaul?

Customer Experience Professionals, may I ask, how is your Voice of the Customer program going? Are you content? Are things just humming along and don’t require a lot of attention? Do you feel like you have a system in place that can be repeated without making changes?

If the answer to those questions is yes, you might need to brace yourself. The way your Customer Experience initiative is designed needs to be intentional. It just may need to be refreshed if things are humming along you don’t pay too much attention to it. 

  • Goals: VoC architecture should be built with the overarching goals and objectives in mind.
  • Team: The foundation is your team. Having the right people involved is critical in driving the effort and improving the customer experience.
  • Relevant: It needs to be intentional and relevant – aligning with your customer strategy.
  • Insights: It should provide a single source of truth for customer insights,
  • Impact: it needs to be designed in a way that actions are taken and ultimately have a positive return on investment.

Change is pervasive these days, especially in the corporate setting. As just one example, a global technology company I work with has experienced numerous changes this past year. They have had changes at the very highest level of leadership, new branding, new roadmaps, new products, and even new customers.

Everything is changing, including making adjustments to the VoC program to make it more relevant (e.g. alignment with strategic priorities, more customization, adding customer segments), and driving business impact through communications and motivating employees to take action.

As soon as you think you’ve got your objectives and roadmap – it shifts. The overarching goals and objectives likely do not change. But how you do things should be evolving.

 Kitty Radcliff
Vice President, Consulting Services

About the Author

Kitty Radcliff

Kitty Radcliff

As a vice president of consulting service, Radcliff serves as the senior client service contact for assigned customer feedback engagements, with an emphasis on industry knowledge, research expertise and creation of valuable insights. Her current portfolio of client relationships includes both international and domestic companies in the high-tech, manufacturing, and financial sectors. Kitty’s largest accounts involve global customer satisfaction/loyalty measurement programs with survey activity occurring via the web in several dozen countries around the globe.

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