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Job descriptions for resources responsible for customer retention strategies

Sometimes the right people are aligned with the customer retention strategies, but they are not focused on the right activities.

Below is a table that highlights the ideal resources for a customer retention program and their associated activities:

Customer Retention Strategies – Job Descriptions
Role Ideal Candidate Program Activities Uses Customer Feedback to…
Executive Sponsor Someone who can capture attention from employees and customers. Communicates customer vision internally and externally. …work with the executive team to prioritize initiatives.
Customer Strategy  Owner Influential individual with access to executives across functional areas. Designs customer programs to align customer information to the business strategy and objectives. …make the customer perspective an imperative to the business and to monitor progress on customer-focused initiatives.
Program Managers Individuals with strong attention to detail, good communication and project management skills. Executes the programs and vision that are set by the executive sponsor and customer strategy owner. …help train and support the way customer feedback is used throughout the enterprise.
Regional Liaisons People with localized knowledge of customers, and good project management and communication skills. Localizes the customer programs and supports information gathering and usage within their area of the world. …interpret customer feedback within their culture and work locally to support the way customer feedback is used.
Cross Functional Steering    Team Individuals who are high enough to make things happen, but also have an understanding of what is needed to get things accomplished. Shares activities that are happening within their area and ensures the right customer information is being collected and used. …prioritize resources, monitor progress, and hold individuals accountable.
Implementation Team Managers with an understanding of the short and long term initiatives for their area and have responsibility for prioritizing resources. Identifies the project team that will execute against the priorities …establish and monitor customer metrics that will be used to track progress and success.
Functional Project Team People who implement improvements through the management of timelines, budgets, and resources. Understands the customer input. …monitor progress on initiatives.
VoC Partner A partner who will challenge the organization and demonstrate a business return. Provides best practices for generating a return through customer-focused decision making. …provide strategic and tactical recommendations to drive customer success and increase customer retention.

While these job descriptions vary from company to company, they are an effective starting point for building out the resources that are needed to generate a business return from your customer retention strategies.

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Leslie Pagel

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