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Key Factors for CX Analytics

Companies use analytics in a variety of ways to improve the customer experience. Here are three key factors that, when applied, deliver the most value from a customer experience analytic project.

  1. The Right Questions. Too often companies try to analyze data, searching for an insight, but without regard to what they are trying to accomplish. This can be alleviated by focusing on the outcome you are trying to achieve and having a clear understanding of “why” that outcome is desired.

  2. The Right Data. Start by identifying what data is needed, then determine how it can be obtained. Before you send your customers a survey, consider these two key philosophies: 1) Don’t ask customers what you already know and 2) Don’t ask customers what you don’t need to know.   

  3. The Right Systems. Customer insights are best utilized when they are embedded into existing systems and processes. What good will the insights be if we can’t get it to the people who need to use it?

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