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Keys to effective employee engagement

Understanding that employees are both pressed for time and juggling a myriad of responsibilities, CX professionals must find innovative ways to motivate and engage colleagues to take action. Here are some tips:

  1. Clear vision of outcomes and the essential behaviors. To effectively influence the behaviors of others, CX professionals must have a clear understanding of the results they want to achieve, how these results will be measured, and the essential few behaviors that will generate the desired outcomes.
  2. Communicate and recognize. Cross-functional teams, business leaders, and executives will be more cohesively engaged when they know what’s going on. Keep all employees well informed about customer insights, next steps, and expectations. Any engagement effort should also include recognition of those doing the work. Recognition of individual or team contributions instills pride and ownership, and fosters engagement beyond the group, across the organization.
  3. Cultivate leadership buy-in. Acknowledgement from executives and senior-level managers sets the foundation for participation and collaboration. With executives in your corner vocalizing support, action plans are more likely to be carried out.
  4. Surprise your sales team. Your colleagues in sales are well informed and may initially question the usefulness of traditional customer experience information. Anticipate this reaction and think thoughtfully and creatively about ways you can provide customer intelligence that’s fresh and unexpected.
  5. Make their job easier. You are bound to encounter resistance if you’re constantly asking sales and account managers to do more work. Consider ways to simplify their involvement.

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