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Live Beyond PowerPoint

Everyone agrees that PowerPoint presentations get old fast. So what can we do to keep people involved?


Instead of using slides and expecting people to take notes, give people a booklet with the key graphics, charts, and ideas. Don’t give all the information, but let them fill in key facts throughout your presentation. Workbooks can be used by themselves or with PowerPoint. Walker has developed a couple of different workbooks that can be easily modified for different presentations. Seth Godin recently advocated this concept in his blog.

Use a whiteboard
I know what you are thinking, “I’m not an artist.” You don’t have to be. Everyone is capable of drawing basic shape and concepts. It could be as simple as writing out the main points. For more ideas check out Dan Roam’s book The Back of the Napkin.

Present your data differently
Before you create another graph or text filled slide, take a few seconds to think about it. Is there another way to show the data? Does your concept have a corresponding image? Check out to see an interesting tool that uses a non-conventional approach to presenting.

Ask questions
Questions keeps people involved. TurningPoint is an add-on tool for PowerPoint that allows audience participation. It is easy to set up and lets the audience give immediate feedback.

Use your creativity to set yourself apart. Live beyond PowerPoint and see how many slides you can cut.

Dan McCormick
Marketing Communications

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