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Loyalty a la Drug Dealer

I just learned of one drug dealer’s strategies for gaining loyalty among her accounts. Before you get all suspicious and self-righteous about my use of recreational drugs, this is an above board drug dealer, a pharmacist. In fact, she is the wife of one of my friends and colleagues and I have known and respected her for many years. She manages a pharmacy in a large, local grocery store.

Let’s call our pharmacist “Chris” to protect the innocent. OK, her name really is Chris, I just always wanted to say the “protect the innocent” thing.

Chris has managed to build a loyal following among a large number of customers. Not only are they loyal to her pharmacy (even when they could get their medicine cheaper from larger chains), they only want to deal with her! That’s the kind of emotional attachment we want all our customers to have. So how does she do it?

She goes out of her way to help her customers. That’s it. Nothing elaborate or complicated. She helps them. Chris often uses her lunch break to deliver prescriptions to elderly or sick patients that can’t make it in to pick them up. When was the last time a pharmacist helped you like that? How would you feel if one did?

Surprise your customers with exceptional and unexpected efforts to help them. The payoff will be tremendous. You’ll probably feel pretty good about it too.

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Phil Bounsall

Phil Bounsall

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