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Make Turning Feedback into Action a Priority


What is a priority exactly? 


Priorities can be pictured as the sum of four parts: Ideas, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Actions.

  • Ideas:  An idea is what we think about a particular situation.
  • Beliefs: A belief is a core assumption about reality – what we believe to be true about the world around us based on our knowledge and our past experiences.
  • Attitudes:  An attitude is the spirit or mind set in which we approach a particular situation.
  • Actions:  An action is what we choose to do.  Our actions are the ultimate revealer of what we think and believe to be most important.


All four components – Ideas, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Actions – join together to form a priority.  And, if you think about it, you can see how your associates might have differently ideas, beliefs, and attitudes at different stages of the Hierarchy of Engagement. 


As a customer advocate, you’re not the only person in your organization that needs to make it a priority to take action.  What needs to happen for others to make it a priority too?

Kitty Connelly
Vice President
Walker Information


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