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Marketing With Col. Sanders

Col. Sanders filling potholesDid you ever think that you would see Col. Sanders from KFC filling potholes in your community? Although this is probably more like a publicity stunt or guerilla marketing, it is a very creative way to get noticed and to help the community at the same time.

KFC has aligned their current “fresh” marketing campaign with filling potholes in Chicago to “Re-fresh” city streets as part of a growing trend called consumer-service marketing. These campaigns are actually helping stakeholders (sometimes indirectly), and at the same time helps the company build customer loyalty and employee engagement by showing that they care and are trying to help the local community.

How can your customer loyalty program benefit from consumer-service marketing? Start by thinking outside the box like KFC is doing, and try to align your program’s message with a service or charitable event that can help benefit your customers, employees, or a local charity. Look at your customer loyalty research, or organizations your employees are active in to target the campaign to what they would be interested in.

This is sure to create a memorable experience, and will be remembered more than the occasional email or newsletter mention. Do you have any ideas for consumer-service campaigns? Post a comment and let us know about them.

Jeff Wiggington
Marketing Communications

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