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Mountain Dew, not just soda

Dew Labs LogoA company using social media is nothing new, but more brands are taking online customer listening to the next level. Mountain Dew is one extreme example. They give fans the power to control the brand. Through the site Dew Labs, an exclusive community, enthusiasts help pick new flavors, artwork, and the basic advertising direction.

Mountain Dew’s goal is to constantly reach out to the fans and customers. Here are a few ways they are engaging their audiences.

  1. In the past, they shipped different flavors of soda to each member for taste testing. Not only was it fun to receive and try the unreleased drinks, but each person had a chance to voice their opinion.
  2. Dew Labs regularly asks in-depth question through online polls. The most recent poll wanted the community’s opinion on which sites to place Mountain Dew ads. It definitely wasn’t your typical, “pick your favorite” type of question.
  3. Email and direct mail are also utilized. Dew Labs sends monthly emails with updates on contests and new polls. They also use traditional mail to send Mountain Dew freebies to members.

Not every company can or should implement what Mountain Dew has, but companies should take steps to use social media. It can be a vast resource of customer insights.

Dan McCormick
Marketing Communications

0 thoughts on “Mountain Dew, not just soda

  1. The best part about Mountain Dew’s current campaign is, in my opinion, the transparent dialog they have opened with consumers. The brand team has been flexible enough to listen to what Dew Labs members want, they have reacted to the consumer. This in turn has made the consumer feel important (along with the other things you mentioned) and has created a class of fans excited to promote -on their own – the products they helped create. Talk about getting a good bang for your buck! Comparatively very little is invested monetarily, but the reach can be huge.

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