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My macro-microblog series

This post is the beginning of a series I'm titling, "Troy's Macro-Microblog." I use Twitter some but do not post very frequently. I struggle with the 140 character restriction, but I also find the restriction helps me be more concise and focused, something many of you know I struggle with given previous multipart blog posts! So, I decided to launch a series of blog posts restricted to 140 words. Not sure how long I can keep this up (I just used 90 words introducing the series), but here it goes!

Post #1: Cynic vs. Skeptic in fact-based decision making
Post #2: Soft skills and the service recovery paradox
Post #3: Creating a culture of customer focused inquiry
Post #4: There is such a thing as a bad question

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Troy Powell

Troy Powell

Troy Powell focuses on business analytics with primary responsibility for advanced analytics and data mining projects. He also serves as a key thought leader with responsibilities of developing new, innovative solutions and advancing knowledge on customer research, analytical techniques, and research methodology.

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