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Need a breakthrough? Take a break.

Perfect topic for a Friday during the last days of summer…

Science tells us there’s a real connection between "creative thinking" a being willing to "take a break" from the hectic pace that consumes most of us in today’s business world.  Consider this comment from Whitney Johnson’s blog:

It’s been demonstrated that technology and connectivity do make us happier. But now that we can live life in the cloud, I wonder if there’s an ever-present dark cloud of "more-to-do" hanging over our heads, with the languorous, lazy days of summer becoming bygones, and busyness a badge of honor. Do we consider unplugging a necessary evil, a nuisance we would happily do without, rather than recognizing that rest is integral to innovation, and more importantly, to a meaningful life?

This applies to all of us involved in listening to customers and driving action and change in our companies based on customers’ wants and needs.  Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective, a renewed point of view on the problems and challenges we face.  We’ve all had those light bulb moments in the middle of night (okay, not so pleasant…), after talking to a friend that works in an entirely different role or industry, or even after reading a good book on a non-related topic.  Maybe this is a timely reminder that we can turn up the volume on those breakthrough moments by choosing to unplug (just for a little bit) a little more often. 

Krista Roseberry 

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