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No joke!

It’s April Fools’ Day. The only day of the year where pranks are not only tolerated, but actually overwhelmingly encouraged! Even though it has actually been years since someone played a joke on me on April 1st (to all reading this, that is not an invitation!), every year I still have my eye out and continually peek over my shoulder…just in case. Jokes are not limited to just your closest of friends, family, or co-workers. It seems even newspapers will print false news for the day or companies will announce a “fake” new product. What other day of the year would this be globally acceptable?   For a good laugh, check out this article that lists the Top 100 hoaxes of all time.

So, all of the hype of the day got me thinking about how companies connect with their customers by playing jokes on April 1st. Did you see that Google even changed their name on the site to Topeka? It was done to honor the city of Topeka, Kansas in response to the mayor changing the city’s name to Google for a day. Clearly it got the search engine giant’s attention!

All kidding aside, what if your customers feel like every day is April Fools’ Day? What do I mean? Well, think about it. Companies collect customer feedback and make claims on how they will improve customer experiences. From there, nothing happens. The customer waits, and waits, and…nothing.   From the customer perspective, they just feel like it is always one big joke. So, while the glory of laughing it up for a day is fun, in the long run making customers feel like they are taken seriously is no joke.

Customers are the core of your business and want to be heard, appreciated, and proactively reached out to. Take customer listening at your company seriously. At least 364 days a year.

Katie Kiernan
Senior Analyst

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