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No Thank You.

It’s a SAM’s dream-come-true… you have successfully rallied your resources, worked your networks, pitched compelling value, and secured an audience with all the right players from your client’s executive team.

This is your big chance to have impact, your opportunity to showcase how your work can inform strategic boardroom decisions.  You’ve done your homework, your audience is engaged, and your delivery has been perfect.  You wrap up your presentation and… what? People start chatting amongst themselves, checking smartphones, and packing up to leave.

What happened?!?  You were expecting lively discussion and some action planning.
Instead, you are done.

Replay your closing… did you say the two words we’ve all been taught to say?  Did you say… thank you?  Good manners do not always equal good strategic account management.  Those two words, polite as they may be, gave your executive audience permission to disengage.  Perhaps the only two more damaging words would have been “any questions?”

Rewind… As you come to the end of your presentation, close differently. 


•    Inviting immediate results through a call to action.
•    Detailing recommended next steps.
•    Identifying corporate strategies impacted by your content.
•    Recapping key questions raised in the session.
•    Directing critical questions to targeted audience members to kickstart conversation.
There are many ways to close and structure presentations (see 4 here), but all share a common objective: to ensure the preparation is not wasted.  So just for a moment, forget your manners.

Jennifer Batley
VP, Strategic Accounts

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