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Not just your customer, but your biggest fan

Have you been watching a lot of college basketball the last few weeks like I have? One of the things that strikes me as I do is how much the fans at the games love their teams – win or lose. Imagine if you were building customer loyalty like that among your best, most strategic customers. 

What would your strategic customers do for you if they were that loyal?

-Introduce you to the CEO

-Tell everyone they know how great they think your company is

-Try out your latest offering whether it’s the perfect fit for them or not

-Do most anything you ask: attend your events, offer a quote for an article or white paper, meet with your hottest prospect, make you their sole source, etc.

Anything short of painting their face your company colors can probably be accomplished – maybe even that too!

Unless your company’s customer focus is such that all of your strategic accounts are already doing all of these things for you, you might want to be thinking about how to build the right customer relationship strategy to deliver this. It can be done.

Sonya McAllister
SVP Strategic Accounts

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