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Obstacles for communicating action

We know it is important to actively promote customer initiatives, but CX professionals face a number of obstacles during the communication. Here are a few common obstacles to consider:

  1. Cutting through the clutter – In any organization there are countless initiatives – quality initiatives, green initiatives, cost-cutting initiatives, etc. CX leaders need to rise above these and make it more than an initiative. It must be a corporate imperative!
  2. Getting through to people – You still have to help them understand what this is all about – the goal, how it relates to the business, why it is important, and what their role is.
  3. Convincing the skeptics – you will have skeptics questioning the initiative.
  4. Time – it seems like communication takes a back seat way too often. We’re so busy with all the details of administering customer initiatives that we don’t communicate effectively. And then our initiatives fade into the background – which translates into little action, little change, and few results.

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