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Passion – a profound ingredient

Funny thing – I can’t recall mentioning passion in my previous writing.

And yet, when it comes to getting people in your company engaged around customer insights, I can’t think of a more profound ingredient.

Last night was ‘meet the teacher’ night at my children’s high school. Several of the teachers spoke about how they loved their jobs. One talked about her conversion to teaching from the corporate world and how she never looked back. This was not some rehearsed speech suggested by the administration. It was genuine. It was passion.

Do we have passion? Do customer advocates display passion for customers and for the performance gains that can be achieved by their company? The good news is that the work we do is really passion-worthy. A win-win. Customers benefit from better service, solutions, experiences, and relationships while the company benefits from improved processes and results.

At Walker, we have the privilege of working with a lot of cool companies and impressive people. The most impressive are the customer advocates and customer strategists that exude passion. They are doing more than running a voice of the customer program. They are passionate about their customers and how their insights can drive business success. Their passion is transformed into an effective business strategy. And, their passion is contagious — other sense it and it shows in how they put customer insights to use to drive decisions.

A little passion goes a long way.

Patrick Gibbons

P.S. Found one – This blog had plenty of passion in it — 360 high school girls each donating six inches of hair for a worthy cause – that’s passion!

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Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons

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