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Predictions for 2009

I really enjoyed the Holiday Season this year.  I took some time off and spent most of it with my close family.  It seems that the current economic challenges have made me even more thankful and grateful for the most important things in life.  The Holidays and the time off made me very reflective and recharged my batteries.  For those who know me, you know how optimistic I tend to be.  I just find that being optimistic makes it easier for me to cope with the stresses of life.  This year was no exception.

With that as background, here are five, admittedly optimistic, predictions for 2009.  I will return to review them and comment upon them in future posts.

  1. The U.S. and global economy will rebound in 2009.
  2. This financial crisis we are experiencing will lead to long-term changes that will be positive for countries, companies, and individuals.
  3. The Walker Index (see graph at right) companies will recover faster and outperform their competitors, just like they did in the last slow down of 2000-2001.
  4. As the economy recovers, customer advocates will emerge as more important to their companies than ever before.
  5. There will be great stories of how companies that emerge successfully from this down cycle did so by remaining steadfast to their customer focus and did the things that made their customers loyal.  

Perhaps you have some predictions that you would care to add?  If so, I hope you will.

This post was originally published January 7, 2009 in Customer Connection.

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Steve Walker

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