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Progress, not perfection

Customer experience and customer strategiesThe year 2020 will be here before we know it. Fortunately, Walker's Customers 2020 report offers insight into what B-to-B customer experience professionals can expect. But, the challenges that lie ahead feel like mission impossible.

For example, customers will expect us to personalize the experience we deliver. We must demonstrate to all of our customers (big and small, active and passive) that we know them individually and we understand their company and how it works.

Even for a small company, this challenge can seem overwhelming. For a large global company, it feels darn near impossible.  

But, if we have a beginner's mind, we will realize that overcoming these challenges is possible.

As we prepare for 2020 our motto should be "progress, not perfection," or "better, not best." As we build our plans and allocate the appropriate resources to meet customers future needs, we must demonstrate progress.

With the year 2020 as our destination and the Customers 2020 report as input into what we should expect, we must start now. Seven years will be here before we know it.

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Leslie Pagel

Leslie Pagel

As vice president of customer experience, Leslie is responsible for incorporating the voice of Walker’s customers into the solutions development process. To do this, Leslie spends the majority of her time interacting with Walker account teams, clients, and prospective clients to understand their business challenges. She coordinates several listening posts that are used to drive strong client relationships and enhance our consulting and technology capabilities.

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