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Revenue growth opportunities through Managed Services Voice of Customer

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) just released a story on growth opportunities in Managed Services.  Here is an excerpt:

Every year TSIA benchmarks the growth rate of service revenues in over one hundred major technology companies. From this data, we know three things:

  • For some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), managed services has already become a core source of revenue and profits.

  • For other OEMs, managed services is a new offer and currently not a large percentage of revenue.

  • On average, managed services is the fastest growing service line for hardware and software companies that have established support and professional services businesses.

From a Voice of Customer practitioner perspective, it will become increasingly important that we have our thumb on the pulse of what’s going on in Managed Services.  Many IT companies have long-standing customer listening activities surrounding support services and professional services.  Some are already focused on Managed Services as well and are using VOC to better understand needs and the value prop for this emerging growth area.  

As just one example, Walker works with a leading IT-industry client that is consistently monitoring performance and business impact of Managed Services with major clients.  Among other learnings ranging from competitive stance to performance evaluations, VOC has also been able to help them identify a shifting paradigm in terms of ‘business impact’ where they’ve seen the impact trend move away from “Performance” and toward other factors, including “Flexibility”.  What’s more – with a VOC program in place, they are able to understand the precise needs and business impact factors that are critical for each key account.

Krista Roseberry
VP, Consulting Services

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