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ROI of Pizza Improvements

Most of you have probably seen the recent advertisements from Domino’s Pizza announcing their pizza turnaround. They owned up to the fact that people just didn’t like their pizza and used feedback from customers to change their pizza recipe. To learn more, check out my colleague’s blog on this topic from January. 

I will be honest, prior to hearing about this change at Domino’s, it had probably been 10 years or more since I had even thought of calling Domino’s for delivery. But, I was intrigued by their creative advertising and confidence that if people gave them a second chance, the pizza would speak for itself. Our family gave it a shot and we really did like the pizza. In our opinion, it really was much better!

My family is not the only ones that have been drawn in by the new approach. Domino’s recently announced their Q1 earnings and they are posting a record quarter of growth based on same store sales in the U.S. What a great example of using the voice of the customer to shape business strategies and drive growth! 

Melissa Meier
Vice President, Client Service

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