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Role of emotion

It is important for us to recognize that some emotions last longer than others. This knowledge can unlock the key to understanding why customers choose to work with us or not. As CX professionals, we need to get comfortable with our softer sides and bringing emotion into our CX programs.

  1. Creating emotional experiences – We must recognize that before we measure our customers’ emotions about the interactions with our company, we first need to realize that our customers have a FEELING about what it is like to work with us. Companies who embrace customers and are focused on delivering exceptional customer experience are those companies who are creating meaningful and positive emotional experiences.
  2. Measuring emotional experiences – Emotion today is usually only measured through text analytics. Text analytics allows us to understand customer sentiment. For larger volumes of data, a natural language processing software is probably the most effective tool, but even less formal ways of using open-end feedback can bring to life the data with “emotion.” Maps can come to life merely by adding customer emotion captured from customer journey mapping sessions. It is also a good idea to capture gaps in emotion from internal vs. external mapping sessions to see the disconnects.
  3. Telling customer stories – Move beyond data to visuals that evoke emotion. We have found that video clips are a very good way to get the message across.

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  1. Hi Walker,

    Thanks for the info about the role of emotion in business. Creating emotional experiences is a great way for a business to build relationships with its customers. When a business creates positive, memorable experiences, customers are more likely to become recurring customers and discuss the great experience with friends.

    If you’re interested in connecting, here’s a post on why so many startups fail: Not surprisingly, one of these reasons is due to not building a strong customer base.


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