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Roles to help drive results

Regardless of size and structure of your company, there are several roles that can effectively drive results.

  • Executive sponsor – A chief customer officer or senior executive that is the key sponsor and advocate for the program, typically with direct access to the CEO.
  • Customer strategy owner – The individual that leads the team, guides day-to-day activities, allocates resources, and tracks initiatives.
  • Program leaders – Individuals or teams focused on execution of specific program elements and ensuring follow-up procedures are in place.
  • Regional liaisons – They are focused on supporting associates in their geographic area. They act as an ambassador to help make customer intelligence more relevant for their specific markets.
  • Cross-functional teams – Made up of functional managers that use customer intelligence to drive improvements in their specific area.
  • Data analysts – Involved in analyzing and interpreting customer information including conducting root cause analysis to determine actions that will be most effective in driving results.
  • IT support – Because technology is an important accelerator, information technology representatives are important members for data access and integration.
  • Communication support – To ensure customer strategies don’t get lost in the corporate clutter, a representative from marketing or corporate communications can provide needed support.
  • External partner – Walker representatives provide an objective viewpoint and provide services in program design, implementation, technology, analytics, and consultation.

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