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Sacrifice IS Your Strategy

In my previous post, I blogged about the art of doing.  In this post, I advocate for being selective about what it is you choose to do.

Last week, while I was at the first Members Insight Exchange of the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association), panelist Joe Wheeler, Executive Director of The Service Profit Chain Institute, referenced Michael Porter (arguably the leading authority on company strategy and the competitiveness), boiling his theory down to this:  the essence of strategy is sacrifice.

In other words, strategy demands focus: it can’t be ten things; it needs to be one or two.  One or two that can be executed against to achieve success.  And choosing the one or two will require sacrificing the other eight, at least for the short term.

1This notion of sacrifice is often overlooked at the intersection of customer feedback results and the determination of customer strategy.  Too often, the menu of areas for strategic focus and action is too long, and the result is that insufficient resources are applied to any one area, and none live up to their potential to actually make a difference to the customers’ experience and to the company’s bottom line performance and/or growth objectives. 

Leaders of customer strategy need to recognize the value of sacrifice, and guide executive teams to make tough, but informed, choices that will enable targeted improvement initiatives and result in advances in customer loyalty and business outcomes. 

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Jennifer Batley

Jennifer Batley

Jennifer advises on CX transformation strategies and collaborates with clients’ executives to establish goals and success metrics that ensure mutually valuable relationships. By understanding needs and opportunities, she ensures Walker’s clients are optimizing customer insights to drive bottom-line business results in alignment with their core strategies, business objectives and brand promises.

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  1. Good post, focus is so important for a small company. You have very limited resources so spend them wisely and where they will yield results.

    Another key concept in line with sacrifice is Minimum viable product.

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