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Self-driving cars and your CX program

The era of self-driving cars is quickly approaching, with some experts estimating that 10 million vehicles with self-driving capabilities will be on our roads by 2020.  Google is the most famous example so far, although Apple is said to have a top secret project in the works.  But even today, most new cars have optional "driver assist" technologies like adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking, and lane keeping assistance.

While the technologies available today still require you to drive and control the car most of the time, they are running in the background to sense and anticipate when there may be a problem.  And because of the speed of today's computing power, they're able to identify and intervene proactively far quicker than the human brain can react to a potential driving hazard – which can literally be the difference between life and death.

So what does this have to do with your CX program?  Well think of your CX program or system as the "car" and you or your CX team as the "driver".  Now take this analogy a step further and describe what type of CX car you're driving.  Does it predict issues your customers are experiencing before you've sent them surveys?  Does it proactively alert you before the KPI you report to senior management is about to take a nose dive?  Does it prescribe the actions you then need to take?

If the answers to any of these questions were "No" (or "Is that even possible?") then don't be alarmed.  Just like self-driving cars, proactive CX systems might seem like the realm of science fiction.  But just like self-driving cars, the analytics and technology to make this a reality are already here today and available to help your company create a competitive CX advantage.




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Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton

As senior vice president and strategic account manager, Clayton works with Walker’s clients to help them increase customer retention, accelerate growth, and improve profitability. Clayton brings more than twenty years of experience in the customer satisfaction and loyalty industry. Most recently he was responsible for the management of Ipsos Loyalty’s CX initiatives with West Coast-based technology sector clients, serving as senior advisor during the design, insights generation and deployment phases of their global programs.

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