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Should We Expand the Field?

As the men’s NCAA basketball tournament has gotten underway this year, you may have heard some rumblings about expanding the field from 65 teams to 96. There are articles and blog posts all over the web with arguments for and against the idea. Personally, I’m against increasing the number of teams that qualify for the tournament to determine the national champion. But, I think the idea of expanding the field is one companies should consider as a relatively quick path to increased profitable revenue growth.

As I was talking with a very successful strategic account manager at a Fortune 500 company this week, he described the somewhat onerous process he had to go through to get his account into his company’s strategic accounts program. This got me thinking – shouldn’t this be a time when companies increase their number of strategic accounts rather than making it difficult to achieve strategic account status?

A few good reasons for expanding your field of strategic accounts:

-You’re leveraging and making the most of what are likely some of your most talented resources – your strategic account managers. Getting them involved in more accounts can only lead to good things.

-If you choose the added accounts well (we can help with creating a value map of your accounts like the one shown here to aid your selection process), you’re tapping right in to accounts with the most potential.

-You’re developing stronger partnerships with even more customer companies. 

What do you think – are you for or against this kind of expansion of the field?

Sonya McAllister

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