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Soft skills and the service recovery paradox

Entry # 2 in my macro-microblogging series.

The Service Recovery Paradox says an effective problem resolution can result in a stronger customer relationship than if the problem never happened. A strictly efficient, time-to-resolve mindset will result in few observable instance of this paradox. But combining timely and effective resolution with soft skills aimed at tapping into these 6 psychological phenomena that drive positive customer behavior will greatly increase the chances of experiencing it.

  1. Build a relationship by listening, understanding, and taking appropriate action
  2. Clear memory of the failure by creating a more recent positive emotional memory
  3. Establish mutual understanding by exhibiting sharing and caring behavior
  4. Drive customer desire to reciprocate by exceeding customer expectations of the interaction
  5. Build customers’ trust and confidence in the company through professional behavior
  6. Implicitly ask for forgiveness by admitting the company’s role in the failure

Still, the best approach is to minimize failures in the first place!

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Troy Powell

Troy Powell

Troy Powell focuses on business analytics with primary responsibility for advanced analytics and data mining projects. He also serves as a key thought leader with responsibilities of developing new, innovative solutions and advancing knowledge on customer research, analytical techniques, and research methodology.

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