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Sometimes the Simplest Messages are the Most Effective

I was recently at my local Starbucks and while I was waiting for my latte, I noticed a handwritten sign with a very simple message:


Thank you for providing your feedback on how we are doing! Based upon your suggestions, we are going to improve the following about your experience:


·         The taste of our product

·         The speed of our service


The quality of the sign was whimsical, rather than professional, but was surprisingly effective. The message was simple, clear and sincere. It grabbed my attention and made me feel that they really wanted to improve the customer experience.

It is very easy to get caught up in all of the details associated with reviewing customer feedback, understanding what it means, deciding what you are going to do about it, and then communicating it back to your customers. Don’t let the details become an impediment to your success with customers.  Once your organization has identified the actions it is going to take based upon customer feedback, there are some simple ways you can communicate this back to your customers:

    • Send an e-mail to all customers, thanking them for their feedback and closing the loop with them on your strategic initiatives for the next year
    • Post your areas of focus on your web site…an electronic version of the Starbucks example
    • Shoot a video talking about how customer feedback is being addressed at your organization and what customers can expect to change.
    • Leverage social media tools, such as blogging and Twitter, to have an ongoing dialogue with your customers regarding your plan for using their feedback and your progress relative to those goals

Next time you are reviewing your communication plan, try to incorporate some simple messaging to your customers…you may be surprised at its effectiveness!

Melissa Meier

VP, Client Service

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