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Strengthen your presentation with follow-up

You have just completed a presentation, but the work isn’t really over once it’s over – you still have plenty of opportunity to strengthen your messages and increase the odds of success. Review the list below and check the ones to include as you plan your post-presentation follow-up activities: 

  • Evaluation – Send out an evaluation after the presentation. Focus less on how you performed and more on how effectively you met your objectives.
  • Team Meeting – Meet with your team – both internal and external – to discuss the impact of the presentation.
  • Report – Develop a report on the key initiatives that emerged from the meeting.
  • Holdbacks – Consider holding back particular information or material that may be more effective to distribute after the presentation. 
  • Proceedings – Publish and distribute a recap of the presentation.
  • Action Items – Distribute a list of action items from the presentation. Include assignments and due dates. 
  • Commitments – Follow up on any commitments made during the presentation to include requests for additional information or resources. 
  • Targeted Follow-ups – Meet with key individuals after the presentation to get feedback and/or secure their support. 
  • Proof – Seek and promote quick wins from action prompted by the meetings. 
  • Shortcomings – As time advances after the meeting, cite missed deadlines and/or process miscues based on commitments from the presentation. 
  • Timing/Touchpoints – Consider a schedule of activities to keep key points from the presentation top of mind. 
  • Relevant Information – Distribute articles, white papers, reports and other relevant information that support or complement the points made in your presentation.

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