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Stuck on the wrong CX roundabout

Walker's head office is next to the city of Carmel which has become the U.S. capital for roundabouts – it currently has 94 of them and counting.  My commute to work is only six miles, but involves going around 10 of them each way.  But I'm not complaining – roundabouts improve traffic flow and are safer than traditional intersections. 

The way that CX programs are typically set-up and managed is often a circular flow much like a roundabout – collect customer feedback, analyze it and report out to various stakeholders.  The challenge is that this type of roundabout will not enable companies to create positive business results from their CX programs.

There's a better roundabout that companies can adopt if they really want to move the needle.  Rather than the "rinse and repeat" cycle of collecting and reporting feedback, this new roundabout focuses on optimizing insights to enable action and impact – the two areas that are typically the biggest challenges for CX programs.



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Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton

As senior vice president and strategic account manager, Clayton works with Walker’s clients to help them increase customer retention, accelerate growth, and improve profitability. Clayton brings more than twenty years of experience in the customer satisfaction and loyalty industry. Most recently he was responsible for the management of Ipsos Loyalty’s CX initiatives with West Coast-based technology sector clients, serving as senior advisor during the design, insights generation and deployment phases of their global programs.

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