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Take CARE!

Taking care of your customers is now more important than ever. Social media has given people a larger platform to air their grievances. Take David Carroll for example.

Dave, a guitarist in the band, “Sons of Maxwell,” had a bad experience with United Airlines and his $3,500 710 Taylor guitar (for the complete story, click here). When baggage handlers broke his guitar, Dave contacted them to seek compensation. For months he was passed from one person to the next. What did he do about it? He used his talent in concordance with social media to distribute a song, “United Breaks Guitars.”

Did United get the message?

Within four days of this song being released, United found themselves in a PR nightmare. Stocks fell 10% costing shareholders around $180 million, and tarnishing their reputation.

Don’t take your customers for granted. Put your customer listening program to good use.

Dan McCormick
Marketing Communications

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