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The Cardboard Bicycle

All companies are focused on the next big thing.  New ways to innovate.  Cool new products.  Ways to deliver exceptional customer service.  Izhar Gafni, an Israeli entrepreneur, shows how to take an idea and make it a reality.  He has created a bicycle…out of cardboard!  See the full article here.

It isn’t just the fact he has pulled off the “impossible” as far as the product invention that is impressive.  It’s the fact that the impossible meets a market need.  The cardboard bicycle has practical uses for places, such as a hotel, where bikes would get a lot of use and have a high probability of being stolen.  The low cost and materials of the bike essentially take the cost and theft factors out of the picture.

As companies, maybe we need to think less about the next greatest thing as a complex technology, intricate transformation project, or elaborate training program.  Maybe it is as simple as just taking the materials and resources we have at our disposal and using them in a different way.  What avenues have worked well for creating customer loyalty in the past?  Are there ways to use a similar approach today, just with a new spin on it?

Talk about thinking outside of the box.  Pun intended!

Katie Kiernan
Vice President, Consulting Services

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