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The CEO and customer strategy

I think there are three types of CEOs when it comes to voice-of-the-customer strategies:

  • The kind that are focused on other things – financial management, operational efficiency, or any number of other business concerns. They know it is important to have customers, but they may not be very committed to hearing what they have to say. That is, until there’s a problem.
  • The kind that are supportive, but not very involved – they know it’s important to use customer insights in running the business, but aren’t personally very involved. Instead, they leave it to others.  
  • The kind that are very customer focused – they know customer strategies drive performance and believe it is everyone’s responsibility take action on customer insights. What’s more, they are involved and set the example for the organization.

So we asked customer experience professionals at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum which type of CEO they have. Here is what they had to say:

Our CEO...

It makes sense that attendees at a conference on this topic would have customer-focused CEOs. Still, it’s pretty encouraging. Only a small percentage gave their CEO a "focused on other things" rating and half of the customer strategists considered their CEO to be "very customer focused."

Leadership is so important. When the CEO and other senior leaders are committed to using customer insights to run the business, they set the tone for customer focused organization poised for market leadership.

This is part six of a series based on feedback collected from customer strategists at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum, June 21, 22 in New York. Other posts can be viewed here.

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Patrick Gibbons

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