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The Power of Teamwork

Besides customers, there is nothing more important to customer strategists than our teams. Think of all the different things we do – plan, gather information, review it, communicate, refine customer strategies, and take action. We can’t do it alone. Our team needs to be organized for action. 

Unfortunately we can underestimate the need to coordinate with other people. This article by Dan Heath and Chip Heath in Fast Company reinforces why we often do not work well as a team. No one wants to "drop the baton" but it can happen if the team isn’t coordinating with each other.

Be assured, it’s possible for teams to function well. I recently learned about W. L. Gore & Associates (known for GORE-TEX® fabric as well as many other products). They have been named to FORTUNE magazine’s list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the past 13 years.  (They are currently ranked #13). Their team approach is a big factor in their success. 

Terri Kelly, President and CEO notes "We recognize the importance of fostering a work environment where people feel motivated, engaged and passionate about the work they do." Time is spent conveying team objectives, as well as matching associates with projects that fit their skills. Watch this short video to get a better feel for how they operate: 

What a great reminder to foster teamwork with your Customer Advocacy Network!

Kitty Radcliff
Vice President 

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