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The things your customers notice

One day a customer was in our offices and noticed something that never even crossed my mind. 

The client mentioned to me, "Hey that’s funny, was that done on purpose?" I looked with a blank stare and said something intelligent like, "Huh?" She said, "Your wellness room is right next to a conference room titled, ‘Fever.’ That’s kinda funny!"

It took me a second to get what she meant, but sure enough I looked and saw a sign labeled "Wellness Room" (where ill employees can rest) about ten feet away from a sign labeled "Fever" (named for our local women’s professional basketball team, the Indiana Fever, which by the way, is a great WNBA team).


Even though I was involved in designing the interior of the office space and the signs themselves, I never noticed it. After all. Who would?

It is a rather silly example, but it is amazing how many things your customers may notice that you would never even consider. It’s one more reason to really know your customers – to understand your business through their eyes so you can see the things that would never even cross your mind.

Patrick Gibbons
Principal, SVP

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Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons

As Principal and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Walker, Gibbons has global responsibility for definition, branding, and promotion of the company and its solutions. Gibbons has published and/or contributed to a number of articles, papers, and blogs on customer intelligence topics and has a regular column in CRM Magazine. He has been a featured speaker at a wide range of conferences, and has produced a series of educational events for customer experience leaders.

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