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Three tips to taking action

Customer experience leaders have consistently pointed to “taking action” as one of their greatest challenges.  Here are some tips to consider when taking action:

  • Don’t over-complicate improving the customer experience.  Yes, our companies are large and driving change can take time, but don’t underestimate the grass roots nature of individual actions.

  • Take the time to document the actions that are taken…even if they seem small.  A lot of driving change is about momentum and if you can demonstrate a groundswell of action, more people are likely to get on board.

  • Inspire your organizations!  People are more likely to be involved in a cause they believe in.  Too often employees feel like feedback collected from customers is going to be used as a punishment.  This leads, of course, to reticence to get anywhere close to a customer feedback initiative.  Make sure that employees understand that you are all in it together.

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