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Three tools to sustain VoC program momentum

Customer strategists must anticipate all the twists and turns, ups and downs that can derail their customer strategy. Here are three tools that can help keep you on track:

  1. Have a good ROI statement. Nothing is more powerful than being able to show the value of your program with a succinct description of the return on investment. If a new executive arrives, often there is a re-organization or looming budget cuts. Demonstrating the value of your VOC program in financial terms will be the most effective way to ensure you sustain momentum.
  2. Show that customer information is being used. Smart customer experience professionals should ensure they monitor the ways people in their company use customer insights at all levels: corporate, business segment, and account-level. They build an infrastructure to show that people not only receive customer insights, but also track that the insights are put to meaningful use.
  3. Create success stories. People love to hear a good story about how a colleague used customer insights to make an important decision that paid off.

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