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Three types of VoC communication

It occurred to me that there are three types of internal communication that are essential for voice-of-the-customer programs. The hierarchy of engagement serves as a great model to highlight these levels for customer advocates and strategists.

Hierarchy of Engagment

(dark blue)

Communication for awareness. To generate credibility for your voice-of-the-customer program broad communication initiatives are needed to create awareness and make your initiative a priority within the company.
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Communication for knowledge and belief. Customer advocates and strategists are routinely called upon to cite the goals of customer programs, conduct training on the use of customer feedback, and to deliver summaries of the insights received from customers. This is critical to ensure that people buy into these stratgies and understand their role in making them work.


Communication for action.  One of the most effective ways to communicate is to deliver results directly to the person most responsible. This includes reports, hot alerts, scorecards, playbooks, and other items aimed at getting the right information t the right person at the right time.

Listening to our customers isn’t enough. We need to have strong communication at all levels to ensure our customer strategies are embraced and that customer insights are put to use to improve business performance. 

Patrick Gibbons
Principal, SVP Marketing

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Patrick Gibbons

Patrick Gibbons

As Principal and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Walker, Gibbons has global responsibility for definition, branding, and promotion of the company and its solutions. Gibbons has published and/or contributed to a number of articles, papers, and blogs on customer intelligence topics and has a regular column in CRM Magazine. He has been a featured speaker at a wide range of conferences, and has produced a series of educational events for customer experience leaders.

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