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Three ways to help sales teams

Retention and growth of existing customers are at the forefront of executive agendas, and we continually create new initiatives to help increase our odds of retaining and growing the customer base. Customer experience professionals can play a role in helping the sales team acquire the right customer. Here are a few steps to consider taking:

  1. Profile the leads at an organization level. If the leads are stored in a centralized system, start to profile them into various groups. This may include the size of the company, industry, perceived strategic fit and method by which they were acquired as a lead, to name a few. From there, look at how customers with the same profile have worked as customers once acquired. Which profile is the most profitable? What are their retention and growth rates? Which groups have a high cost to serve?
  2. Understand the needs of each group. Once you have a set of personas or profiles among the company’s sales leads, think about the needs of each group. What is causing them to put your company into their consideration set? That will help the sales teams determine specific strategies to help the leads convert to sales. You may need to do some exploratory work both internally and with customers to assist with this step.
  3. Move to an opportunity-level assessment beyond the higher-level needs. Once you have determined which profiles have the highest potential, think about the specific opportunity. Just because an opportunity with this potential customer has worked in the past may not mean it is a good fit this time. Make sure your company can solve a particular challenge they are asking for.

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