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Time to cozy up

On a recent business trip I came across a quote from Katie Taylor, CEO of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, who was featured in Out of Office – a regular story in En Route (Air Canada’s in flight magazine) in which they ask business leaders 10 telling questions.  It was her response to Question 1 that caught my attention:

"In business, now’s a good time to get closer to your customers."

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

And Katie and I are not alone.  After a period of economic recession which saw both consumers and businesses cut spending, purse strings are loosening, if only just a little.  Companies are positioning themselves to reap the benefits of this spending by refocusing their attention on their customers.  In recent months I have seen many organizations invest in enhancements to their customer listening systems to ensure they know where their customers are headed and how to better serve them.  Competition for share of wallet will be fierce, and it’s the companies that are closest to their customers who will have the advantage. 

In 2011, how will your company win the advantage with your customers?

Jennifer Batley
VP, Strategic Accounts

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  1. PS: Just after I finished this post, I was on yet another plane, this time reading the United Hemispheres magazine. United’s VP for HR-Employee Relations, Donna Towle, shared another perspective on how to get closer to customers. Quite simply, it is to listen to your front-line employees. In essence, companies who provide a good employee experience will have employees who provide good customer experiences, and who will feel comfortable in feeding any customer frustrations up the hierarchy where they can be addressed — so that future customer experiences can be even better.

    Read her perspective at:

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