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Time to start a Journey Map

If your company is challenged with being data rich and insight poor, one place to start is the journey map. Journey maps (or touch point mapping) is a step-wise collaborative process that engages both customers and cross-functional teams in exercises to map out the customer interaction points, and highlight critical moments of truth, improvement opportunities, and unique strengths. It is a tool to help companies prioritize where to focus, pinpoint the information sources that are available or missing, enhance your customer experience programs, and better personify your brand in the marketplace. And, with the right support, journey mapping can be accomplished in relatively quick order.

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  1. Absolutely agree that journey mapping is a good technique in order to supercharge teams to improve existing experiences of stakeholders, reduce the cost to serve, or discover new opportunities for product and service innovation. I’ve actually created a step-by-step guide to journey mapping in Chapter 6 of my latest book: "The Experience Design BLUEPRINT: Recipes for Creating Happier Customers and Healthier Organizations." Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new beginner, the 78 images, 25 examples, and 56 recipes are sure to light up your imagination and give you more confidence in designing more remarkable experiences and then making their effects felt in the world.

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