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Tips to being a good storyteller

When making a presentation, it helps to be a good storyteller. Being a good storyteller gets people engaged and is a more effective way to help people understand customer insights and take action on them. Here are a few tips to being an effective storyteller:

  • Start with a story. When you start with a story to lead into your presentation, the audience has no idea where you are going which makes them listen more intently.  Just as important is what not start with, "It's good to see everyone today," or "Today I'm going to talk about …" or any sort of introduction. Just stick to the story.

  • Connect the story to the theme. Next, share relevant customer insights and connect them to the story. Whether the story is dramatic or funny, the transition should be smooth and answers that original question, "where is he going with this?"

  • Another story. Interject another story to add impact and provide some inspiration – consider including direct quotes from customers. This really solidifies and reinforces your main points. Sometimes it is a real-life example that serves as inspiration. 

  • Conclusion and action. Finally, conclude by summarizing what action should take place and what impact it will have. Try to tie the theme together and provide suggestions on what it all means and what we should do.

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