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Tips to building an effective network

It is critical that organizations have a network in place to manage customer-focused initiatives and serve as catalysts for change in the organization. Here are some tips for building an effective network within your company.

  1. Identify the pockets with potential. Which parts of the organization will drive the greatest results? A core part of the network should have representation from the most impactful parts of the organization. These are the areas where the perspective of the customer is essential and can make the most difference for the company. 
  2. Identify the nucleus. It is important to be clear what these groups need to focus on. What are their objectives? What are they struggling with? Who do you know in the group? It is critical to have this information in hand so that customer intelligence activities can be aligned and relevant for the teams. If they see this as “just one more thing to do”, participation in the network will be challenged.
  3. Speak the language. Reach out to the leaders of your high impact groups. Demonstrate to them how customer intelligence activities are aligned with the areas they are focused on. When speaking with leaders make sure that you demonstrate the benefit to their organization in participating in the customer intelligence network.
  4. Focus on ROI. Early wins are so important because they build credibility within the team as well as allows for case studies that can be shared across the organization.

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