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Tips to effectively work with Product Managers

Product Managers have a wealth of information at their fingertips and a plethora of metrics that they track. However, their list of metrics may not include customer intelligence data – and that is a key ingredient to their success. Product Managers must make important product decisions in a timely manner, so they need to understand the pulse of their customers at any time. You can collaborate with Product Managers through these suggestions:

  • Supplement current sources – Find a way to fit into their current measurement system. More often than not, an internal metric being tracked has a complementary customer-facing metric that is not currently being tracked.
  • Be proactive – Don’t make them learn a new tool or go somewhere to find information. Come to them with customer data that can be scheduled for future delivery and scaled to meet their needs.
  • Keep it simple – Make it simple and straightforward. Start easy, don’t dissect the data every which way and present 40 different data points. Present one, track it over time, and align it with their metrics.
  • Integrate with current initiatives – Product Managers more than likely have several improvement initiatives currently underway. Provide customer intelligence to prove out the effectiveness of these improvements.

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