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Tips to improve your visuals in communications

Visuals are a powerful way to communicate customer intelligence. There are so many different ways to visualize customer feedback. You can use graphs, bubble charts, customer comments, summary words, pictures, symbols – the list goes on and on.

Here are a few tips when using visuals

  • Use visuals that help the audience interpret the information. For example, the stoplight color coding is used because people understand that red is bad and green is good.
  • Only show information that is relevant to the point you are making. Fight the tendency to share everything with your audience – Only focus on the key points.
  • Try different formats when visualizing the data. It's important to experiment with different views (e.g., bar charts, line charts, gap scores, bubble charts, etc.). Seeing a variety of options will help determine which one best communicates the point.
  • Always be clear on the purpose of the data. Ask yourself, is this a detailed report of findings (to be used by a small group of people) or a summary presentation? What do I hope to accomplish once I'm done communicating this information? Am I trying to prompt action?

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