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Tips to improving response rates

It’s commonly accepted by customer experience practitioners that the sheer volume of surveys being sent these days is leading to survey fatigue and declining response rates. To achieve high response rates, consider the following:

  1. Executive Buy-in: Starting with direction and passion at the highest levels of the organization to hear from as many customers as possible.
  2. Data Management: Ensuring the quality of your contact list (e.g. confirming who you are targeting and verifying their contact data).
  3. Pre-Notification: Communicating with customers ahead of time to let them know the survey is coming and their feedback is important.
  4. Education: Helping account owners understand why the VoC program is in place, the benefit to your company, and the benefit to your customers by sharing their feedback.
  5. Providing Visibility: Sharing information about which customers have or have not provided feedback with leadership and account owners throughout the data gathering period.
  6. Encouraging Participation: Equipping Account Owners with scripts to encourage participation among their assigned accounts

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0 thoughts on “Tips to improving response rates

  1. Notifying participants prior to sending out survey invites seems like a great way to boost response rates. I would try this for my research project. All these tips are very helpful. However, a great tool is equally important and I am looking for an online survey tool that’s easy and suits my budget. I have heard SoGoSurvey has this Free Student license thing. Will it help me? Please suggest.

  2. Hi Patricia – While a great tool is essential for capturing and analyzing customer input, it’s rarely the reason for poor response rates. Survey design or length, lack of communication, lack of confidence that the input will be used, and contact management are the most common reasons people don’t participate in surveys (not to mention survey glut).
    I’m not familiar with SoGoSurvey, but a couple of things to keep in mind when evaluating a survey tool are: design flexibility, survey deliverability, and sophisticated reporting.

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