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TL;DR – Why Text Analytics Matters So Much

"Too long; didn't read."

Yup, sounds familiar. I'll admit that there are a few times this little phrase has flitted across my mind as I clicked from the middle of a 1,000-word article of substance onto a BuzzFeed list of the "23 cutest cats on the internet right now." This behavior pretty much sums up basic social media, but has it breached our professional lives, too? My immediate guess is yes – not that employees are spending all day looking at cats, necessarily, but that employees don't have time to sit down and read through lengthy articles, emails, or customer comments.

This is why text analytics matters so much.

Understanding the voice of the customer, employee, partner, etc. is vital to any company that has a listening program. Absolutely vital. No one can construct a complete image of the customer/employee/partner unless direct feedback is considered, whether that comes from social media posts or survey comments or emails.

Using text analytics lets us live in that "tl;dr" world because 10,000 pieces of unstructured data can be turned into 20 bite-sized categories or themes that explain the gist of the data set – without needing to read more than a handful of comments. We can figure out if customers are mad about spare parts delivery or if employees can't access the right resources, and determine the best steps to remedy that situation.

How has your text analytics implementation lessened your unstructured-data burden? Or, conversely, how has it contributed to it? If it's contributed to your burden, see 3 Suggestions for Tackling Text Analytics to help with next steps.

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Amanda Wray

Amanda Wray

Amanda leads Walker’s text analytics initiative, helping to turn vast amounts of qualitative data into manageable, insightful results. She weaves together this valuable unstructured feedback with quantitative results to provide a robust, 360-degree view of the customer, partner, or employee. Text analytics can provide powerful results, and Amanda helps clients to realize that potential.

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