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To Boldly Go Where No CX Program Has Gone Before

I’m here in Las Vegas this week attending EMC’s customer and partner conference, EMC World, along with more than 15,000 other attendees from more than 100 countries.  This year’s theme is “REDEFINE.NEXT” and as usual, EMC is putting on a fantastic event with endless opportunities for customers and partners to engage in the strategic direction EMC is leading in their industry through executive keynote speeches, breakouts, and one-on-one interactions.

As part of EMC World, Walker is helping EMC to redefine “what’s next” in the way of Customer Experience (CX) feedback by piloting a new tool to quickly capture “in the moment” voice of the customer (VoC).  The new Voice Insight Action (VIA) tool is a mobile app that enables customers to easily share their comments, which the EMC team can then compile and weave into the company’s solution development roadmaps.  The plan is to roll VIA out across EMC once this week’s pilot has wrapped up.

We’re using the VIA tool for three consecutive days at the Total Customer Experience (TCE) booth in the EMC World exhibition hall.  This year’s booth has a space-inspired theme – with a look and feel that brings to mind one of the most popular science fiction series ever – and enables EMC’s customers and partners to chat directly with the company’s TCE leaders, as well as interact with SMEs from all major EMC business units.Customer feedback collected directly from the VIA tool was used as the impetus for creating EMC’s new Onsite Service Tracker (depicted in the image to the right), which is being showcased at the TCE booth at EMC World this year.

Those stopping by the booth also get to learn first-hand about all kinds of actions and initiatives that EMC has taken based on customer feedback.  The Experience Analytics Bridge uses giant touchscreen displays to enable attendees to interact with live CX data visualizations that showcase EMC’s world class approach to customer listening.  If you are not able to be here with us, TCE has made a similar interface available online.  Through the VIA mobile app, attendees are then encouraged to expand the conversation with their ideas for the future.

The VIA tool that Walker has created for EMC provides a great example of how companies can capture VoC feedback in a forum where customers are already actively engaged and want to collaborate with you.   If you happen to be attending EMC World, please stop by and see us at booth #463.  If you are interested in doing something similar at one of your customer events, please post a comment – I’d love to hear from you.


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Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton

As senior vice president and strategic account manager, Clayton works with Walker’s clients to help them increase customer retention, accelerate growth, and improve profitability. Clayton brings more than twenty years of experience in the customer satisfaction and loyalty industry. Most recently he was responsible for the management of Ipsos Loyalty’s CX initiatives with West Coast-based technology sector clients, serving as senior advisor during the design, insights generation and deployment phases of their global programs.

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