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Top voice of the customer challenges

The last question we asked customer strategists at Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum was about their top challenges. The list of choices was taken from Walker’s six essential elements for creating customer focus:

  • Information Gathering – we’re not gathering the right information from the right customers to drive improvement.
  • Communication – our employees are not aware of our VoC strategies and/or don’t receive customer feedback to use in their jobs.
  • Relevance /Alignment – the customer feedback we receive is not relevant or aligned with our business strategies.
  • Action – we don’t do a good job of taking action on the customer feedback we receive.
  • Team and Resources – we don’t have all the right people involved and/or the right resources dedicated for our VoC strategies to be effective.
  • Validation – we don’t do a good job measuring the business impact of our VoC strategies.

And here are the top three responses:

Top 3 VoC Challenges

The top response made me chuckle just a bit. I suppose it is natural that when you ask customer experience professionals to cite their top challenge, a fair percentage of them are going to say they don’t have enough resources. It figures.

The other two are consistent with other studies we have conducted. Taking action and measuring impact seem to always be significant challenges for customer strategists and we work with many companies to ensure these obstacles are overcome.

The fact is that to really have an exceptional customer strategy, a company must perform well in all six of the essential elements. This guide and this video summarizes the six these elements pretty succinctly.  

FINAL NOTE: Forrester’s Forum was an exceptional event – nearly 1,200 customer experience professionals were gathered to explore the many ways that companies can be more customer focused and more successful. Congratulations to everyone involved! Go here to see a more complete presentation of the input we received from attendees and to access other useful resources.

This is the final entry of a series based on feedback collected from customer strategists at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum, June 21, 22 in New York. Other posts can be viewed here.

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